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Next Vision Charity for Children

Naduvalur is a small village with a population of 950, located 250 km from Chennai, India. There are 300 kids from 3 villages attending classes in these government-sponsored schools from preschool through 10th grade, much in need of basic necessities.

Through sales of handmade jewelry and donations, Next Vision works to provide basic educational necessities, and access to simple childhood pleasures, to the school children of Naduvalur, India.


Our Goals 

Our goal for 2014 - 2015 is to create a safe well-lit place for the children to study, by converting a donated building into a community center/library and installing solar panels to ensure dependable access to electricity. We are also looking into mobile hospital.Ways You Can Help the ChildrenBuy something  beautiful and help provide basic educational necessities to the school children. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our handmade jewelry goes to help the school and the children at Naduvalur, India. 

Please consider donating your unused bead jewelry, necklaces and pendants for reuse in our jewelry.


Our Donations, To Date

Since 2010, we have gathered, purchased, and delivered these used and new items:

  • books, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, clip boards , notebooks, geometry boxes, sketch pens.

  • soccer balls, jump ropes, cricket bats, tennis rackets, legos, a bicycle.

  • the installation of water purifying systems for two of the three schools, providing around 70 gallons of fresh drinking water for the kids each day!

  • running water, from a bore well, to the kitchen and all bathrooms in the elementary school and high school.

My Story

         I am Sugi, the creator of the exquisite, original jewelry that you see in the photographs on this website. Fogbird Designs offers unique designs that incorporate the use of delicate chains, beads, and semi-precious stones. 


Why I Design Jewelry

Every year, I go to Chennai, South India and I spend a lot of time with my kids in my father's village. I wanted to continue what my father had done for years for his village, so I started of buying sports materials(soccer balls, cricket bats, balls, chess board and so on) for a small school. The kids really enjoyed them and it filled me with joy to see those happy kids. I came to realize that helping the kids was my calling and passion. I did not want to spend my husband's hard earned money for my charity and this motivated me to make good jewelry for a good cause. Fogbird Desgins launched, as well as my charity called “The Next Vision.” 


Unique and Elegant Fogbird Jewelry

Fogbird necklaces, pins, rings, and earrings are created to match all of the vibrant colors of your wardrobe. I believe that jewelry expresses your personality and that it adds fun to your life. The original items are handcrafted in the studio, and as I make them, I imagine how fashionable you will look, wearing an original Fogbird Design. They are also the perfect gift for your loved ones, who will appreciate the value of a handcrafted piece of jewelry. 


Proceeds Go to Help The Children

All sale proceeds go towards my charity. I have 2 boys ages 13 and 10 who also help me with my beading and my charity work. Fogbird Design jewelry is delightfully priced at an affordable rate.

My Charity

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